“I believe that if business, government and the church work together, we can put a roof over every orphan and vulnerable child’s head, give them a mother who will love them, feed and educate them to the glory of God, and this nation will be changed forever.” Tich Smith, LIV Founder

In early March 2023 some of our board members met with Ms Yandiswa Vara the Mayor of Makana, and the Municipal Manager Mr Pumelelo Kate to discuss the proposed LIV Lukhanyiso village. We are very pleased to say that it was a positive meeting. Lara shared the vision and plan for the development of LIV Lukhanyiso village which will not only care for vulnerable children but will also have a positive impact on the Makhanda community.

In July 2023 Lara Kruiskamp and Kevin Maree had another successful meeting with the Municipal Manager, Mr Pumelelo Kate. Those also in attendance were Azola Tembeni (Manager of Roads and Stormwater), Gubevu Maduna (Manager of Water and Sanitation) and Likhaya Ngandi (Operations Manager at Makana Municipality).

Makana Municipality meeting