From Abandonment to Independence, Anitha Mkhize’s story is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of love and support. Abandoned at birth without any known biological relatives, Anitha spent her early years in a children’s facility. However, in 2008, her life took a remarkable turn when she found a new family at the Thokomala home in Isipingo.

Anitha’s journey from a children’s facility to the Thokomala community is an inspiring tale of foster care, education, and independence. Her story exemplifies the impact of organizations like LIV Thokomala in providing stability and nurturing environments.

At Thokomala, Anitha was one of six children living together under the care of a dedicated foster mother. She completed her schooling and then ventured into hair braiding to earn income while pursuing further education. Anitha’s determination led her to a local Beauty and Massage Spa, where she received training and secured a permanent job.

Anitha is now 26 and she has blossomed into an independent, confident individual who has not only rented her own place to live but also embarked on a fulfilling career journey. Anitha’s story demonstrates the life-changing impact of LIV Thokomala, which provided her with the stability, love, and unwavering support needed to achieve her dreams.

Even though she has moved into her own place, Anitha remains deeply connected to her Thokomala family. On her days off, she continues to visit her foster mother and her beloved foster siblings, maintaining the strong relationships that were nurtured during her formative years. Anitha’s journey serves as an inspiring reminder that with the right guidance and support, individuals can overcome adversity and build bright futures filled with independence and success.

El Roi Baby Home Currently Closed

The El Roi Baby Home is currently closed as we are working fervently with DSD and our local municipality to re-register our home as a Child and Youth Care Centre. Please join us in praying for favour, provision, wisdom and peace as we wait on the process to be completed as soon as the Lord would allow. For more information about this process, please send us an email at