At El Roi Baby Home, we cherish the concept of family in all its forms. While we celebrate the families created through adoption, there’s another side to our story that’s equally heartwarming. Did you know that we also support and rejoice in family reunifications? Let us share with you the remarkable journey of Baby M.

Baby M’s story is a testament to the power of family and the possibility of reuniting loved ones. This precious boy arrived at our doorstep straight from the premature hospital ward as a newborn. Initially, his biological mom contemplated adoption, believing she couldn’t care for him. However, as our dedicated social worker provided counseling, it became evident that her heart yearned to be with her son.

Over several months, all the necessary steps were taken, and the process of reintroducing Baby M to his biological mother began. Last year, their heartwarming reunification took place, and we received occasional reports indicating that all was well. Recently, Auntie Nicole had the privilege of visiting Baby M and his family, a rare and cherished occurrence after a child has left El Roi.

El Roi Baby Home Currently Closed

The El Roi Baby Home is currently closed as we are working fervently with DSD and our local municipality to re-register our home as a Child and Youth Care Centre. Please join us in praying for favour, provision, wisdom and peace as we wait on the process to be completed as soon as the Lord would allow. For more information about this process, please send us an email at babyhome@liv-lanseria.com.