In South Africa and throughout the world, children have fallen victim to disease, poverty and abandonment. The harsh reality of the situation is something that every individual will hear about or see at some point during their life. The solutions to the problem include the actions taken by individuals, who are willing to love, respect and care for these children within a family and healthy community environment, raising them up to be future leaders who in turn will impact the lives of others. In the words of the late Nelson Mandela: “A solid family environment is essential in paving the way towards the realisation of future dreams and aspirations of children.”

Here, as in other parts of the world, we have become not only a fatherless generation, but also a family-less society. LIV believes that the church, in partnership with business and working alongside the government, can make this country, the continent of Africa and the world a better place. At LIV, we are committed to the plight of the children in our country who have been orphaned or made highly  vulnerable by disease and the effects of poverty. We believe the God-given mandate of the Church is to look after these children, which can be achieved within a village community environment, and beyond, bringing love, hope, transformation, Christian moral regeneration, a purpose and a future, and to have a positive impact on local poverty-stricken communities.

LIV Group Structure

In September 2018, the LIV Central structure was approved by the existing LIV Board of Directors at LIV Durban. LIV Central is registered as an NPC with a national board of governors and executive management team who have been selected to bring a combination of sound spiritual oversight, wisdom, practical guidance, transparent good governance, and support. This is a combination of committed, Christian visionary leaders, representing the body of Christ – men and women who have experience in business, marketing, finance, social services, education, good governance practices, and the rule of law.

In line with keeping all LIV villages, foster homes, and other LIV entities grounded in the Holy Spirit into the future, four churches connected with LIV (Bryanston Bible Church, Hope Restoration Church Kempton Park, 3CI Pretoria East, and Harvest Church Durban) have been selected by the founders as the covering governance body. They are responsible for proposing potential governors to represent their church on the LIV Central board of governors, as well as suitable future candidates for the management team. Each LIV entity is registered as an independent NPC (Non-Profit Company) with its own board of directors ensuring good governance regionally, and is responsible for raising their own funding to support the operations of the entity.

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El Roi Baby Home Currently Closed

The El Roi Baby Home is currently closed as we are working fervently with DSD and our local municipality to re-register our home as a Child and Youth Care Centre. Please join us in praying for favour, provision, wisdom and peace as we wait on the process to be completed as soon as the Lord would allow. For more information about this process, please send us an email at