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13-17 yr old – 3 day pass – R450
18+ – 3 day pass – R200
13-17 yr old – 1 day pass – R180
18+ – 1 Day pass – R70


1. Who can attend the festival? 

The festival is open for anyone aged 13-17 years old ( at the time of the festival). Young People must have adults from their church/group who are responsible for them and are onsite during the festival. 

2. What will happen at the festival

The festival will have a large programme that will run throughout the time the site is open. Young People have time to spend in our special cafes, doing sports, worshipping, eating food in our food court and attending workshops. The highlight of our time together will be when everyone gathers in the Arena for worship and teaching from a variety of speakers as well as leaving time for God to move in our lives. 

3. Can I bring money to the festival

You can bring money to the festival as there will be places to purchase sweets and drinks in our cafes.

However the site will be a cash free zone so when you arrive (and throughout the festival) you will be able to exchange your cash for tokens (at our BANK) to spend across the site. Most of our activities will be free so don’t NEED to bring money. 

4. How do I eat during the festival 

This will be up to your Group Leader. Come Together does provide a small hot lunch for every delegate and group leader to have at lunchtime each day. But we also suggest that your group leaders organise you to bring extra food like a packed lunch or a group picnic as the days are long. There are many places where you can sit, soak up the atmosphere and eat as a group during the programme.

5. Can I come alone to the festival

You can not come to the festival on your own – you must come with at least 1 other adult. The Festival organisers think site safety is of high priority, every adult on site will have to go through a registration process (available online) and will not be allowed on site without sending in all the relevant documents requested. 

We have certain rules about how many adults must come with young people and we ask all groups to stick to this to keep everyone safe. 

As organisers, we will do everything we can to keep you safe and to have a full programme but the group leaders (adult) who brings you will oversee you the whole time you are onsite at Come Together. 

6. Why do we have to read and sign a code of conduct

Come Together wants to make sure that everyone who attends shares the same heart to keeping everyone on site safe and know what we expect as a festival team when you arrive. The code of conduct just gives you a chance to read and understand the expectations when attending Come Together. 

There will be a chance for every young person to read and sign the code of conduct when you check in on Day 1.

7. What do I need to bring to the festival

Here is a list of some of the most important things we think you will need for the festival

Notebook and pen
Sunscreen and a hat (its going to be a lovely weekend!) 
Comfortable shoes/tackies
Jersey (it gets cold in the evenings here) 

8. Who looks after me at the festival

The festival team will work their hardest to run a safe and fun programme for the festival, but your group leader will look after you the whole time. They will be the one who will set parameters and connection points throughout the day. They will be the ones to find if you have any problems and together you can head to the info tent to get more advice. 

The festival will have an onsite medical team in case of emergencies as well as an amazing team of stewards to keep you in the correct areas and helping you to find the amazing activities happening. 

9. Group Ratios – Adults to kids

The festival team have asked that Group leaders follow the following guidelines

Each group must have a minimum of 2 leaders (reflecting the group’s gender) up to 8 young people. The group must then have an additional adult for each additional 8 young people (eg 1-8 YP:2 Adults, 9-16 YP:3 adults, 17-24 YP:4 adults etc) 

10. We will be the only ones at LIV Village during the festival

LIV Village (the Come Together site) is home to many children, Mums, staff and volunteers who stay there full time and call it their home. The 13-17 year old young people will all be invited to attend the festival and many of the adults will be part of the team delivering the festival. There will be many children and adults who will not be part of the festival but will be on site. The festival team will be making sure that everyone on the site will be wearing a wristband to indicate who they are, and festival venues will only be accessible with a certain type of wristband. 

Some areas of LIV Village will be fenced off as they are not a part of the site and are areas where Mum,s homes are. We ask that everyone keeps this in mind when onsite and follows stewards directions to areas that are not accessible. 

If you still have any questions then please do not hesitate to email the Come Together team at

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