Be one of the 600

LIV is change on a large scale. The current 96 homes can house 600 children. To care for each child, we need R1000 per child per month. Be one of the 600 that unite to rescue, restore and raise these 600 children. Sign Up Now

Host a LIV Banquet

From June to August 2014, we invite you to LIV the change with us by hosting a meal – big or small, simple or lavish – to raise funds for LIV. Find out how you are the perfect host.

Buy LIV Eggs

LIV Eggs provides an easy and convenient way for you to give to those less fortunate while purchasing something you need. For every pack of LIV Eggs sold, proceeds go directly to LIV Village. Now available at selected Spars and Food Lovers stores.

Visit LIV Village

Book your guided visit of LIV. Our team are ready to host you every Tuesday and Friday morning at 10:30 - 11:30 and afternoon at 15:00 - 16:00. Bookings are essential, please email